Reflection Vision Innovation
Zenolite®, from Australia, is a next-generation high gloss wall panel.
Vivid, lightweight and stronger than glass, it’s a sophisticated solution that improves any room. Designed and manufactured in Australia and exported globally, Zenolite is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Key features :
▪ Zenolite is made from two layers of acrylic, co-extruded into a single sheet. A vibrant color layer is capped with a stunningly clear top layer to create a panel of incredible depth, gloss, and clarity.
▪ Lightweight and easy to handle, Zenolite can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes. It can also be cold bent to form gentle curves.
▪ Zenolite can be fabricated on-site with standard woodworking tools, and installs using double-sided tape and neutral cure silicone.
▪ Zenolite’s surface will not harbor mold or bacteria, therefore making it easy to clean using just warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

Application :

Infrastructure : Large commercial projects have ongoing requirements for high quality wall panel products. Zenolite is strong and lightweight, making it easy to work with. It’s also simple to maintain and has low installation cost.

Corporate Fit out : Zenolite is ideal for the move to high gloss finishes in the corporate world. Zenolite panels are suitable for large and small corporate spaces. They are quick and easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Retail and Hospitality : Aesthetically pleasing colours and flawless finish add value to any retail outlet. Zenolite wall panels enhance any product’s exposure by setting a clean, crisp background for all forms of merchandising.

Residential : Zenolite gives the power to design contemporary and functional spaces. Zenolite high gloss wall panels provide an unsurpassed level of elegance in hallways, bedrooms, media rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.